Fighters are the most common adventuring class in the World of Greyhawk. Fighters can be found anywhere in the Flanaess, from cities, towns, and castles to rural communities, nomad tribes, and bandit hideouts. It is a straightforward profession, and the training of a fighter is well-suited to the task of survival in a dangerous world which is still mostly wilderness.

Champions are the most common types of fighters. Their skill is reliable and effective. They are often found as elite guards, shock troops and knights.

Battle masters are more unusual among fighters, but their training in martial techniques is invaluable to armies, mercenary companies, and bandits. They have a reputation as specialists in their field who augment the abilities of others, often focusing on combat maneuvers that synergize with their allies.

Eldritch knights are a rare sight. Blending arcane magic and fighting is difficult to accomplish effectively and requires a great deal of training and dedication to both magic and martial skill. Elves are the most common to practice the art, as they live long lives which gives them time to hone this craft.


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