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Captured by the drow! You wouldn’t wish this fate upon anyone, yet here you are—locked in a dark cave, the cold heavy weight of metal tight around your throat and wrists. You are not alone. Other prisoners are trapped in here with you, in an underground outpost far from the light of the sun.

Your captors include a cruel drow priestess who calls herself Mistress Ilvara of House Eilservs. Over the past several days, you’ve met her several times, robed in silken garments and flanked by two male drow, one of whom has a mass of scars along one side of his face and neck.

Mistress Ilvara likes to impress her will with scourge in hand and remind you that your life now belongs to her. “Accept your fate, learn to obey, and you may survive.” Her words echo in your memory, even as you plot your escape.

Greyhawk Campaign Setting

This campaign takes place in the World of Greyhawk campaign setting, specifically in the Underdark of the Flanaess. Whoever your character was on the surface means little in the Underdark. Thus, the trappings of the surface world, its politics, organizations and alliances mean little as well. But the skills your character learned on the surface will be invaluable tools to escape. And the gods have just as much influence in the Underdark as they do upon the surface, even if their Underdark incarnations are sometimes a bit alien to surface-dwellers.


The following resources can help your character find a place in the Underdark of the Flanaess.

The Nature of Magic in Greyhawk

The Path of the Adventurer


  • Dwarf: Dwarves, or dwur in the Flan tongue, are much like their counterparts in other D&D settings.
  • Elf: The elves, or olvenfolk, have distinct varieties. Special notes are provided regarding drow.
  • Halfling: Halflings, or hobniz, are similar to their counterparts in other D&D settings. They prefer to stay put rather than travel, adventurers being the most common exception.
  • Human: Many varieties of humans inhabit the Flanaess, each with distinct cultures. practices, and traditions.
  • Dragonborn: The dragonborn are quite alien to the Flanaess, often regarded as monsters. The Flan tongue does not even have a proper word for them.
  • Gnome: Reclusive but curious by nature, gnomes, or noniz, have kinship to dwarves. They are otherwise quite similar to their counterparts in other D&D settings.
  • Half-Elf: Somewhat rare, half-elves are otherwise like their counterparts in other D&D settings.
  • Half-Orc: Uncommon but fearsome, half-orcs can most often be found leading bands of orcs or eking out a meager existence among humans.
  • Tiefling: Universally feared and reviled, tieflings are distinct from most other D&D settings. They are rare in the Flanaess, and typically only found in areas where consorting with fiends is common.


  • Barbarian: Most members of the barbarian class are humans, most commonly the nomads of the north. Some wood elves are also known to follow the barbarian path. All other races are rare.
  • Bard: Most commonly found among humans and half-elves, bards wander the whole of the Flanaess, associating strongly with druids and the Old Faith.
  • Cleric: Clerics can be found among any race. All clerics in Greyhawk have a single divine patron, which may be selected from Appendix B: Deities of Greyhawk (PH 295) or Appendix B: Nonhuman Deities (PH 296), the latter only an option for nonhumans of the appropriate type.
  • Druid: Followers of the Old Faith who tend to be human, half-elf, or elf, druids follow a secretive hierarchy in their defense of nature.
  • Fighter: The most common character class in the World of Greyhawk, fighters can be found as mercenaries, knights, adventurers, and more.
  • Monk: Monasteries that train in the martial arts are unusual in the Flanaess, but several independent traditions have formed, all of them primarily human.
  • Paladin: Historically begun as a branch of the Knights Protectors of the Great Kingdom, paladins have spread to all corners of the Flanaess.
  • Ranger: If druids are nature’s priests then rangers are their knights templar. Rangers are found throughout the Flanaess primarily among humans and elves.
  • Rogue: Almost as common as fighters, rogues can be found everywhere in the Flanaess, most commonly inhabiting its large cities and forming guilds of thieves and assassins.
  • Sorcerer: Rare and frightening, the magical blood of sorcerers is unusual in the Flanaess, but it can be found almost anywhere.
  • Warlock: Most warlocks and witches of the Flanaess are fiendish consorts, given to serving the powers of the Nine Hells or The Abyss. Their powers are perhaps the most feared in all of Oerth.
  • Wizard: Considered “the best of a bad lot” when it comes to arcane magic, wizards learn their skill from the few arcane colleges that exist or (more commonly) from a master who takes an aspiring wizard as an apprentice.

Background: Additional background options are available.

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