Deities of Greyhawk

You may simply consult Appendix B: Deities of Greyhawk in the Player’s Handbook for the basics on the deities of Greyhawk. The following is provided as more detail. The people of the Flanaess worship many gods. Only deities of the central Flanaess are included here, and of those, only the lesser gods (in most cases) have been detailed. In general, the greater gods are far too removed from the world to have much to do with humanity, and while they are worshiped, few people hold them as patrons.

Following the name of each deity is that deity’s ranking, Greater, Lesser, or Demigod. Then, the racial origin of the deity is state:

C = common in most areas
O = Oeridian
S = Suloise
F = Flan
B = Baklunish
U = Unknown or indeterminate origin

Greater Gods

Deity Origin Portfolio Alignment Sex
Beory FC Oerth, Mother, Nature, Rain N F
Boccob C Magic, Arcane, Knowledge N M
Cyndor C Time, Continuity, Infinity LN M
Incabulos C Evil, Plagues, Nightmares NE M
Istus B Fate, Destiny N F
Kord S Athletics, Sports, Brawling CG M
Lendor S Time, Tedium LN M
Nerull FC Death, Darkness, Underworld NE M
Pelor FC Sun, Strength, Light, Healing NG M
Procan OC Oceans, Seas, Salt CN M
Tharizdun U Eternal Darkness, Decay NE M
Ulaa C Hills, Mountains, Gemstones LG F
Wee Jas S Magic, Death LN F
Zilchus OC Power, Prestige, Influence, Money, Business LN M


Deities of Greyhawk

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