After fighters, rogues are the most common class found in the Flanaess. Most rogues are found in the bustling cities like Greyhawk, Dyvers, Rauxes, and Chendl. Rogues commonly work as beggars, thieves, bandits, and assassins. Some rise to lofty heights in powerful guilds of thieves and assassins, but most are enforcers, fences, pickpockets, and burglars.

Thieves are the most typical type of rogue in the World of Greyhawk. Their skill makes them invaluable to the organizations which they commonly serve. Some avoid combat except when necessary, while others revel in it. But all share a love of gold and finery. The most successful thieves often rise to leadership positions within a thieves guild.

Assassins are elite murderers for hire, a necessary evil some argue, for the stability of kingdoms and nations. Assassins tend to be evil, killing whomever they are instructed to, as long as the pay is commensurate with the risk. Others work privately for a monarch, noble, or powerful merchant, eliminating rivals as the need arises. Some take to adventuring, finding it suits their abilities well.

Arcane tricksters are quite unusual. It is gnomes who chose this path most often, as it blends two of a gnome’s favorite things, remaining hidden and playing tricks. Gnomish arcane tricksters are relatively benign, using their abilities to play pranks, protect themselves, and keep their dwellings hidden. More nefarious rogues use these talents to ascend to power through beguiling their rivals and enemies.


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